Where the world is going, that’s where we are going

File Edinburgh Press

‘Jeroen Van der Ven and Ans Van den Eede brilliantly play the parts of two people who are tentative, earnest, frustrated, and keen on wading their way through this talk about Diderot’s novel… The play has a supremely innovative structure, comprising only of dialogue that refuses to move forward, in which nothing happens, and everything happens.’

***** Broadway Baby

‘Jeroen Van der Ven en Ans Van den Eede go for a virtuoso masterclass of body language… Theirs is a fearless performance for a fearless script, which creates an innovative simultaneous double-dialoque that you both see and hear, and which is both touching and comic – and lingers long after.’

***** The Stage

‘Their confidence in the subject (justified or not) and the serious manner they present their baffling theories provokes much amusement.’

**** TvBomb

‘There’s a different theatrical discipline at work in this production. The post-dramatic is whole-heartedly embraced. For this reason Where the World is Going… is an exciting space to walk into.’

*** Exeunt Magazine

Belgian press

‘Literary and philosophical contemplations abound in a hilarious and unceasing dialogue. Where the world… is an ode for language, but also an ode for life and its unpredictable flightiness.’

**** Cobra.be

‘The two of them are at issue with each other. Their digressions on paradoxes, freedom of choice, fiction and reality mirror Diderot’s novel, but serve eventually to find out how they should relate to one another. Where the world… is a cleverly layered dialogue, both conversational and reasonable, and absurd and nonsensical, but always humourous. The text – about love, freedom and our need for grip in life – is an inventively constructed dialogue, in which every new turn sheds a new, surprising light on what already is said, ingeniously pointing forward to what’s ahead.’

*** Theaterkrant.nl